Travel period: July – September

Group size: 6 – 20 people

At first glimpse Goreliy volcano can be easily confused with a mountain range. However it is most definitely a volcano that is famous for its unique collection of 11 active craters located on its apical part. The largest and most spectacular crater is awaiting you at the very end of the ascent. It is filled with an acid lake of most extraordinary turquoise colour. Gorelyi volcano is a ridgy array rising from the bottom of elliptical caldera and is about 1829 meters high. It used to be a shield volcano with a base diameter of about 30 km. With time, the central part sank resulting in the formation of the enormous caldera containing several craters. Nowadays the caldera is surrounded by the remains of the old volcano. Each of the craters has its own distinctive features but together they form one-of-a-kind ensemble. Today the famous caldera of Gorelyi volcano is a geological natural sanctuary.

Tour timetable:

07:00 Departing the “Petropavlovsk” hotel on our off-road vehicle towards the volcanic plato in the vicinity of the Gorelyi Volcano. Travel distance: 110 km (approximately 3 hours). Automotive part of the route runs south through the zone of Paratunka hot springs and up the Paratunka River Valley. There is a steep serpentine going uphill approximately 1 km high. Once we are at the top of the pass, you will see the magnificent and panoramic view of Paratunka River Valley, Vilyuchinskiy, Mutnovskiy and Gorelyi Volcanoes.

11:00 Tea with sandwiches. Climbing preparations.

12:00 Start of the climb. The ascent is not too difficult. Total distance is 900 meters which takes about 3 hours to get to the top. The tourist path passes through lava flows and cinder fields. One of the fascinating aspects of the ascent is “kekurniki” – hardened lava outcrops of various shapes. We will have a snack on the top of the volcano after which the main craters will be explored. The same path leads back to the vehicle. Total route time is 6 – 7 hours.  

Arriving at the base camp near the vehicle. Dinner.

Departing towards Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Arriving at the “Petropavlovsk” hotel. 

Tour price includes:Tour price DOES NOT include:Recommended personal equipment:
  • Transport service according to the program;
  • Mountain guides service;
  • Guide assistants service;
  • Lunch;
  • Equipment rental (trekking sticks, raincoats etc.)
  • Additional tours and services above the program;
  • English-speaking interpreter service;
  • Tobacco and alcohol beverages.
  • Backpack (10 liters) for personal belongings;
  • Trekking footwear;
  • Wind jacket, hat (e.g. beanie) or cap;
  • Fleece jacket, warm gloves;
  • Sunblock cream;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Camera/video camera.

Additional Information:

The route or the route schedule can be changed according to the weather conditions, the training level of the group, other external factors. The decision to change the route may be taken by the guide on the place.