Trekking at the foot of Avacha volcano, Mount Camel climb (1 day)

Travel period: July – September

Tour type: climb/hike

Group size: 6 – 20 people

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Avachinskiy or Avacha Volcano (also known as Avachinskaya Sopka among Kamchatka inhabitants) is an active volcano. It has a complex, cone-in-cone structure of Somma-Vesuvius type. Avachinskiy Volcano used to be a lot larger than it is now. But a long time ago, a violent eruption reduced the volcano to almost half its original size, to what it is now. A new active cone with beautiful contours stood up from the depths of the Earth although the remains of the old mountain can still be found at the base of the new volcano.

Mount Camel is 28 kilometres away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. It is a small (200 m), rocky massif with two sharp peaks, located on the pass between Avachinskiy and Koryakskiy volcanoes. Another name for this mount is Double-Humped Rock.

Mount camel tour timetable:

08:00 Meeting with guides at the “Petropavlovsk” hotel. Boarding the car and departing towards the Avachinskiy pass.

10:00 Arrival at the base camp in the area of Avachinskiy volcano. The camp locates 850 m. above sea level.

10:30 Trekking to Camel mount enjoying beautiful volcano panoramas. Camel Mount climbing. The altitude difference is 500 meters. A snack is on the top (sandwiches, fruits, nuts, tea).

14:00 Return to the base camp. Lunch. There are lots of wild Arctic ground squirrels in the camp, who are always ready to beg bread from tourists and eat it from their hands. End of the tour.

18:00 Returning to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy city. Arrival at the “Petropavlovsk” hotel.

Tour price includes:Tour price DOES NOT include:Recommended personal equipment:
  • Transport service according to the program;
  • Mountain guides service;
  • Guide assistants service;
  • Lunch;
  • Equipment rental (trekking sticks, raincoats etc.)
  • Additional tours and services above the program;
  • English-speaking interpreter service;
  • Tobacco and alcohol beverages.
  • Backpack (10 liters) for personal belongings;
  • Trekking footwear;
  • Wind jacket, hat (e.g. beanie) or cap;
  • Fleece jacket, warm gloves;
  • Sunblock cream;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Camera/video camera.

Additional Information:

The route or the route schedule can be changed according to the weather conditions, the training level of the group, other external factors. The decision to change the route may be taken by the guide on the place.