Kuril Lake helicopter trip


Travel Period: May-September

Tour Type: Helicopter tour + walking tour

Duration: 6 hours

Group Size: 18-20 people

Prices you can see here: PRICE-LIST

The Kurilskoye lake is a place of exceptional beauty and tranquility, where one can get up close to and observe the fishing skills of the Kamchatka brown bear. The lake itself hosts the largest population of red salmon, attracting the largest brown bear habitat on the peninsula. The lake is situated in the southern part of the Kamchatka peninsula, is of volcanic origin and is included in the Worldwide UNESCO Heritage list. It is one of the few places where our guests can safely observe the life of a brown bear.

The Ilyinskiy volcano majestically towers on the lake’s side, and at the center of the lake there is a small rocky island called The Heart of Alaid, which resembles a heart shape. The island host one of the largest fresh water pacific-ocean seagull populations.

The Ksudach volcano is very well known for its beautiful crater lakes. And the Khodutka river, heated by thermal streams, flows through one of the most fascinating sceneries near the Khodutka volcano.

Tour programme:

Helicopter flight to Kurilskoye Lake (approximately 45 minutes), boat tour on the lake around bear fishing spots, walk to TINRO science base led by a huntsman (bear photo opportunity). Lunch. Helicopter flight to Ksudach volcano caldera, 30 minute stop-over tour. Flight to Khodutka thermal pools, where you will have time for a relaxing soak. Return flight to heliport. Full tour duration is 6 hours.

Tour price includes:

  • Helicopter ride;
  • Services of an experienced guide;
  • Interpreter services;
  • Guided tour;
  • Meal;
  • A pass to the reserve grounds;
  • Accident insurance;

Recommended clothing/equipment:

  • Wind jacket, hat or cap;
  • Swimming togs (e.g. swim suit, shorts and towel);
  • Sunglasses;
  • Camera and video camera.

Additional information:
* Tour is weather dependant. Day and time are subjects to change.