Туристы на вершине вулкана Горелый

We invite you to have a unique trip to the south of Kamchatka!

   Special for you we collected all the best our wonderful region is famous for and combined it in an interesting tour. You will be able to see everything: hot springs, volcanoes, ice caves, reserved unique areas and of course bears!

  If you want to get new experiences, impressions and to have an unforgettable vacation, now it is time to make the most extraordinary journey of your life.

Discover Kamchatka – wonderful peninsula on the edge of the world!

Dates: 3 – 16 August 2019 – booking is finished
             9 – 22 August 2020

Duration: 14 days / 13 nights.

Group size: 6-20 persons.

THE PRICE – $2625 per a person

* Note: Tourists can join the group in any part of the route!

 Маршрут тура Путешествие на юг

Tour itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrival.
Day 2 – Rafting with fishing. 
Day 3 – Ascending the Goreliy (Burnt) volcano. 
Day 4 – Ascending the Mutnovsky volcano.
Day 5 –  An excursion to the ice caves. Visiting “Dachnye” hot springs.
Day 6 – The boat trip to the “Starichkov” island.
Day 7 – Start for the Kuril Lake.
Day 8 – An extra day.
Day 9 – Arrival to the Kuril Lake.
Day 10 – Watching bears.
Day 11 – An excursion to “Kuthiny Baty”.
Day 12 – Start for PKC (The Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city).
Day 13 – Arrival to the city.
Day 14 – Departure.

Tour program:

DAY 1 Arrival

Arrival at the airport of Yelizovo city. The guide-interpreter meets participants of the tour with a sign of “Red Rivers”. Baggage claim takes about 20-30 minutes.

Boarding the bus and transfer to the hotel located near the hot thermal springs in the resort area of the Paratunka River. Having rest after a 9-hour flight, swimming in the pool. Dinner.

Overnight in the hotel.

  Аэропорт (8)



Departing from the hotel to the Bystraya River (about 150 km, 2 hours). On the way, there will be a short stop and rest in the Sokochi settlement, which is famous for its delicious cakes.

Arrival to the river, having lunch (fish soup). Preparation for rafting.

The Bystraya River (Malkynskaya) is the right stream tributary of the Bolshaya River; it is an ordinary mountain river. It has three easy rapids, flows among picturesque forests and mountains and small islands in the lower course of river. It is possible to see chinook salmon, chum salmon, coho salmon, char, grayling, and rainbow trout coming to spawn in the river. The Bystraya River is the perfect fishing place for both amateurs and for professionals.

During the rafting, you will have a chance to enjoy a unique, untouched world of the peninsula, and relax, allowing the river to carry you downstream.

This tour is appropriate for any tourist including children from 9-10 years. 16 ft. rafts, which are used for rafting all around the world and our experienced guides, are the guarantee of your safety and comfort.

As you are on the final leg of the rafting tour, you are going to visit the wild Malkinskie hot springs. The rest and bathing in natural hot springs will help to refresh you and make you feel better. Here you can find several natural pools filled with thermal water of different “heat” and choose the one that suits you best.

Return to the hotel. Dinner.




Departure to the volcanic plateau at the foot of the Goreliy volcano and preparation for the Goreliy volcano ascending.

At the first sight, it is difficult to distinguish the active Goreliy volcano from the mountain massif, but it is considered to be a unique collection of various craters located on the top of the volcano. Each crater on the volcano top has its own characteristics, and together they create a unique ensemble.

The final of the climb is the largest and most beautiful volcano crater filled with extraordinary beautiful turquoise acid lake.

Once it was a shield volcano with a diameter of about 30 km of the foot. The central part of it fell down forming huge caldera and after that eruptions occurred in a few craters appearing on its bottom. Remains of an old volcano caldera surrounded by a low ridge.

It is not difficult to ascent the volcano; the track passes through old lava flows and slag fields. There it is possible to see kekurniki – frozen lava outcrops of different shapes. The ascending takes 6-7 hours (approximately 900 m height difference). During the ascending, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Mutnovsky and Vilyuchinsky volcanos, and from the top, (if the weather permits) you can see the “home” volcanoes and the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city.

Descending and going back to the camp, dinner. Free time.

Overnight in tents.

 DAY 4


Breakfast, packing the camp. Going to the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano.

The Mutnovsky Volcano – is one of the most active volcanoes on the Kamchatka Peninsula. As the volcano shape is unusual, anyone can make a climb to the crater and see all of its activities with their own eyes.

The crater of a volcano is of particular interest. These are mud volcanoes, acid pools, hissing fumaroles, surrounded by bright yellow collars of sulfur crystals, hot boiling mud caldrons, boiling lakes and small geysers. Fantastic volcanic landscape impresses everyone who climbs volcanoes.

Arrival to the foot of the volcano, setting up the camp. Having snack (tea, coffee, sandwiches, sweets), preparation for the ascending, checking equipment. Start ascending. The Mutnovsky volcano impresses by the track that is going through the crack inside the volcano. The ascent takes about 3-4 hours.

If there is enough time after the ascending, the group have a walk to the “Opasniy” (dangerous) canyon. The canyon name is truly describes the place. The river flowing down from the volcano slope and falls from the 100-meter height into the deep chasm, forming a waterfall and canyon walls are so steep that it seems they could fall down at any moment.

Return to the camp, dinner. Free time.

Overnight in tents.



Breakfast. Preparing for the trip to the ice caves.

The Mutnovsky volcano hides many secrets and unique places. On one of its slopes there are amazing in their beauty ice caves. Hiding under the snowfields, the entrances of these caves are not open to everyone, and only experienced guides will show you them.

Sunlight breaking through the thin crust of snow on the ceiling stains the snow in the green, yellow and blue colors giving a special charm and mystery to the caves. The broad spaces changing into narrow passages and layers of snow form beautiful cascades.

Visiting ice caves will impress you and you will have wonderful memories.

Departure to the volcanic plateau at the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano (3-4 hours). A little break at the top of the mountain serpentine to have a look at breathtaking views of one of the most beautiful volcanoes in the Pacific Rim – the Vilyuchinsky volcano. From the pass there is a wonderful views of the Paratunka river valley, in good weather it is possible to see almost all of the volcanoes of the southern group.

Having snack (tea, coffee, sweets). Preparing for a walking trip.

“Dachnye” hot springs located at the Mutnovsky volcano surroundings on the southeast foot of the “Skalystaya” hill in the ravine with steep walls. The beauty and variety of thermal activities are fascinating. You will be able to visit the fumarole field “Dachnye hot springs”. On the left slope of the hill, there are a few hot sites with columns of hot steam going up and boiling steam caldron. There is a large boiling caldron at the bottom of the right slope and big blast of steam is coming out. There is a powerful steam fountain a little bit upstream of the field.

Descending and going back to the car, dinner. Packing equipment and going to the PKC.

Checking in the hotel. Having rest and free time.

Overnight in the hotel.



Breakfast. Transfer to the harbor.

Getting on a board, briefing on safety rules and the beginning of the trip.

The Pacific Ocean – the largest ocean on the earth, its endless blue color stretches to the horizon, and its depths still keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets. Avacha Bay is an amazing place. In addition, it is the main “sea gate” of the peninsula; one of the world’s largest bays that can take any vessel. Its scenic coastline covered with green colors, natural caves and cliffs, which became a popular place for the kayaking, as well as a huge number of seabirds and marine mammals in the bay area, makes Avacha Bay one of the most beautiful symbols of Kamchatka.

During the boat trip, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coastline and see the symbol of the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city – The “Three brothers” rocks. According to the ancient legend, there were three brothers they protected the coast from a damaged tsunami. After that, they turned into stones, and now protect citizens from any danger.

The last point of the route is the Starichkov Island surrounded by the numerous coastal reefs and rocks that appear during the low tide. The Island – a real “maternity home” and the place of dwelling of 40 colonies of more than 10 seabirds species, some of them are listed in the Red Book. In the coastal waters, it is possible to see the picturesque kekury (a chain of small islands) “Karaulniy” (Guardian) and “Chasovoy” (Sentry).

Going back to the harbor and transfer to the hotel. Having dinner and rest.

Overnight in the hotel.





Departure at the Kuril Lake. On the road, you will need to make several crossings by ferry: through the

Bolshaya (Big) river and the Opala River. Other small rivers will be crossed by car.

Stop for lunch on the way.

If in the result of bad weather or other factors, the tourists do not have time to pass all the crossings, the camp will be set up on the shore of the Sea of Okhotsk.

If tourists have time enough to pass all the crossings, the tents will be set up in the Pauzhetka village.

Dinner and rest after the journey.

Overnight in tents.



If in the previous day tourists did not have time to pass the crossing, the route in the direction of the Kurile Lake is going on.

If tourists have time to pass the crossing in one day, this day will be used for relaxing and excursions. *

The Pauzhetka village is located near the Pauzhetskaya hot springs, 500 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the south of Kamchatka There is also an old geothermal electrical power station in Russia, it was put into service in 1966, and this power station produces electricity for the nearby villages and factories.

Geothermal power plant in Pauzhetka produces not only thermal electricity, but also throws a large amount of hot water down the valley. Local people have year-round access to hot water and grow not only tomatoes and cucumbers in their greenhouses but also exotic for our Peninsula melons.

*In this day, you may have a chance to take an excursion around the village to the thermal Pauzhetskaya field, to White waterfalls, to a stone town and others. (The guide will choose places on the route according to the weather conditions, the level of fitness conditioning of the group and other factors). There is a great number of pools in the village not only for locals but also for tourists.

паужетка 1

 DAY 9


Going with the ranger to the cordon, the distance from the border to the lake is about 12 km. Things of tourists are delivered either on a quad bike with a trailer or a motor boat.

Upon arrival at the Kuril Lake setting up a camp and dinner.

The Kuril Lake – a unique place, where it is possible to watch Kamchatka bears catching salmon. There is the biggest population of brown bears and the largest sockeye spawning place on the peninsula. You may use this day to have an excursion with a ranger to the place where scientists are counting the population of fish and to watch Kamchatka bears hunting salmon with you own eyes.

After the trip, returning to the camp. Dinner.

Overnight in tents.


DAY 10


You may use this day to look at the fauna of the Kuril Lake from a different perspective and take a tour on a motor boat on the lake waters to the bears fishing places. During the tour, you will be able to take a closer look of the Far Eastern salmon migration and watch the bird colonies.

The Kuril Lake is located in the southern part of the peninsula on the territory of South Kamchatka Sanctuary and it was included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On one side of the lake, there is the gorgeous Ilyinskiy volcano of almost perfect shape. During the eruption, lava streams were going down right inside the Kuril Lake changing the landscape and creating picturesque coves and bays. In the center of the lake, there is a rocky island “Heart of Alaid” resembling a heart in shape. On the islands in the middle of the lake, there is one of the biggest colonies of the Pacific seagulls in the fresh waters.

After the tour, returning to the camp. Dinner.

Overnight in tents.


DAY 11


Walking trip to Kutkhiny baty.

There is an amazing in its structure and beauty geological object – Kutkhiny baty in the area of ​​the Kuril Lake. This monumental pumice construction that appeared at the time of the frequent volcanic eruptions when acid, saturated lava gases were going up on the earth surface and cooled forming a porous rock. Over time, rocks under the influence of wind and water got their present form.

An interesting and unusual form of rocks is explained in the legend of Kamchatka indigenous people – Itelmen. Once a wise raven Kutkh left on shore to dry the boats and forgot about them. For Itelmens, Kutkh was the main god, and the word “baty” had a meaning of a long boat. Therefore, “Kutkhiny Baty ” can be translated as “God Kutkh’s Boats”.

After the excursion, leaving the reserve territory and boarding the car to go the way back.

Setting up the camp in the village of Pauzhetka, having dinner.

Overnight in tents.


 DAY 12


Packing the camp and leaving in the direction of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way passing the ferries on the Opala and Bolshaya rivers.

Stop for lunch.

Continuation of the route.

Stop for dinner.

Overnight in tents.

DAY 13

Breakfast. Continuation of the route.

Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky city, transfer to the hotel. Checking in.

Rest, bathing in the swimming pool, preparing for taking off.


Overnight at the hotel.

DAY 14


Before going to the airport visiting the fish market and souvenir shop.

Transfer to the airport.

Аэропорт (9)

The price includes:

  • Twin bedded accommodation in a hotel with breakfast (BB);
  • Transfers according the program;
  • The guide work on the active part of the route;
  • Cooks services on the active part of the route;
  • Providing with food on the active part of the route;
  • Use of group touristic equipment;
  • Guides services on the routes;
  • An excursion program;
  • The Kronotskiy reserve services;
  • Permitting documents for visiting preserved territories;
  • Accident insurance.
  • Dinners in the hotel.

The price does not include:

  • Alcoholic beverages.

We recommend you to have personal equipment:

  • Backpack (20-30 liters);
  • Trekking shoes;
  • Water- and windproof clothes;
  • A set of warm clothes (sweater, warm trousers, socks, hat, gloves);
  • Head protection from the sun;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Accessories for personal hygiene;
  • Towel;
  • Bathing suit;
  • Insect repellent / spray;
  • Sunscreen;
  • Photo and video equipment.

Additional Information:

The route or the route schedule can be changed according to the weather conditions, the training level of the group, other external factors. The guide may decide to change the route on the place.