The Bystraya River is located in the central part of the peninsula. This is the second longest river in Kamchatka. The width of the river at the site of the rafting is from 40 to 80 m. The speed of the current is 1 m per second, on small rapids - up to 4 m per second. Water temperature is 5-8˚С. In the middle course, there are cascades of small thresholds. The maximum water level falls in June, this is due to the intensive melting of snow in the mountains. At this time, the rapids are changing, new channels appear in the lower section of the rafting, blockages are formed from fallen trees.

The river flows through picturesque places. On the way, you can go fishing, pick up mushrooms and berries, watch seagulls and wild ducks, and if you are lucky enough, you can see a bear or a Steller’s sea eagle. All this makes rafting down the river an interesting and fascinating journey.

Join our rafting tours:

1-day rafting with fishing on the Bystraya river with visiting the Malkinskye thermal springs.
1-day rafting is a great choice for an active weekend in nature. You can see the salmon going to spawn, watch the seagulls and wild ducks, and if you are lucky enough, you can see the bear or the Steller's sea eagle. After the rafting, enjoying the soaking in Malkinskye thermal springs.

2-day rafting with fishing on the Bystraya will appeal to both adults and children!
We provide everything you need for a journey: comfortable tents, sleeping bags, sleeping bags, mats, fishing rods, rubber boots, etc. Enjoy the beauty of Kamchatka nature and successful river fishing, and our skilful chefs will be happy to cook for you fish soup and freshly-cooked caviar.

3-day rafting and fishing will be a great gift for all fishing lovers.
The Bystraya River is a typical mountain river that flows among picturesque mountains, and in the lower course among wooded islands. Different species of Pacific salmon (Chinook salmon, chum salmon and coho salmon) and char, grayling, trout come to spawn here.