Trekking and tours to volcanoes

One-day trekking and volcano tours will allow you to enjoy the unspoiled nature and beauty of Kamchatka region!

Kamchatka is called the land of volcanoes for a reason - there are more than 300 of them, about 30 are active. Due to the processes of active volcanism on the peninsula, there are a huge number of natural objects of interest to tourists: volcanoes, calderas, extrusions, caves, waterfalls and much more. Do not be upset if you have little time to rest, because some places can be visited in one day, so choose a tour and join us!

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To take a look at Dachnye thermal springs, you will have an idea about the all-around known Valley of Geysers, located in the Kronotskiy National Reserve. Dachnye hot springs are located at the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano on the southeast foot of the Skalistaya Mountain, in the ravine with steep walls.

Camel mount (another name is Double-Humped Rock) is located 28 km away from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, it is a small rocky massif with two sharp peaks, located on the pass between Avacha and Koryak volcanoes. There are lots of Arctic ground squirrels ready to beg for any food in the base camp.

The surroundings of Mount Vachkazhets are a wonderful example of high-altitude zonality. During the hiking you find yourself in mixed forest at first, where stone birches and tall grasses reign, then the forest gradually replaced by alder and cedar plantations, and then alpine meadows on top where you can see breathtaking waterfalls.

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The active Gorely volcano (1829 m) is difficult to distinguish at first sight from the surrounding mountain massif, but the collection of various craters located on its top is considered unique. The culmination of the ascent is the largest and most beautiful crater of the volcano, which is filled with a turquoise lake of extraordinary beauty.

Mutnovsky volcano (2323 m) is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka. Because of its unusual shape, everyone can climb up to the crater and see processes of active vulcanism with their own eyes: fumaroles, steam emissions, mud boilers. The fantastic volcanic landscape leaves an indelible impression on everyone who climbs.

Avachinsky or Avacha volcano (2741 m) is an active volcano of the Somma-Vesuvius type. In ancient times, Avacha volcano was much larger than it is today, but its cone was destroyed by the powerful eruption. Nowadays there are active fumaroles at the top and the surface of the volcano near the crater is always warm.

The 2-day trip to Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes.