Dear Kamchatka guests!
To make your stay in Kamchatka more comfortable, safe and enjoyable, please read the information below.



Most tourists (especially coming from such countries as EU, US, Australia etc.) must have a visa to be able to enter the Russian Federation.  If you are entering the Russian Federation by visa, you are required to get it registered within 48 hours of your arrival in the country. In most cases this can be done at the hotel you are staying at. This is an important procedure and once you have registered yourself, you are officially free to move around.



Kamchatka weather is very unpredictable therefore you have to be prepared for any weather conditions. The climate ranges from a foggy sea climate on the shore to continental hot climate in the center of Kamchatka within a space of a single day. During July-September period you need to have proper and suitable clothing to feel comfortable whether it is +25˚C or +5˚C, especially if you are planning to climb a volcano. Rain is another element that you have to be prepared for while visiting Kamchatka. Due to the close proximity of the Pacific Ocean, weather can change from sun to rain and back just in few hours. Keep in mind the morning dew while travelling in the mountains as it can dampen your clothes, head to toe in just a few seconds!

Hot days with temperature above +30˚С are common for the central part of Kamchatka during summer. Coastal temperatures can reach up to +20˚С and increase as you move away from the sea.

July is the hottest month on the shore with July or August also being the hottest months in the central part of Kamchatka.

Mountain snow remains in the mountains till June and sometimes lingers for a month longer till July.

The first snow covers the apical parts of volcanoes in September; therefore temperature in the mountains at night during this period can drop to 0˚С.


Considering the above information on Kamchatka weather, we do recommend proper preparation for your trip. We recommend you bring the following gear with you:


  • Trekking footwear, suitable for trekking in wilderness and for ascending a volcano. Please note that there is a lot of slag on the slopes of volcanoes which can get into the shoes and create discomfort if they are not high enough. Trekking shoes should feel comfortable and be waterproof.
  • Hooded water- and wind-proof jacket, set of warm clothes: pants, hat, gloves, sweater or cardigan and thermal underwear for sleeping and cold temperatures.
  • Small backpack, where you can keep extra clothes, water bottle and personal items.
  • Personal items:
  • Sunglasses;
  • Chapstick;
  • Sunblock cream;
  • Drinking water bottle or flask;
  • Cap or panama for the sun;
  • Swimwear (for bathing in hot springs );
  • Flashlight with extra batteries;
  • Mosquito repellent (spray or cream);
  • Camera/video camera.



Please note that Kamchatka has 8-hour difference with Moscow, and 2-hour difference with Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. It means that if you take off in Moscow at 17:00 you arrive to Kamchatka the following day at 10:00 in the morning.

The longest sun days in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy are 17 hours (from 5:00 to 22:00) in June and about 15 hours (from 6:00 to 21:00) in August




Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy city can offer you 3-star or business hotels. Another option is Paratunka River resort area, which is about 40 km from Petropavlovsk, with hotels and guests houses by the natural hot springs. Please note that most of the hotels are full during tourist season in summer. So please, make your reservation well in advance. You can discover a lot of restaurants, cafes and shops in Petropavlovsk. Paratunka resort has an excellent restaurant on its ground catering for most tastes. There are also small villages along tourist routes where one can find small private hotels or tourist shelters.

During our outdoor trips food is prepared by our professional cooks which becomes one of the highlights of the trip. We use good quality local ingredients, including fresh fish and meat as well as local vegetables and dairy products. Apart from the mains we offer fruit, juices and desserts to our clients. Alcoholic drinks are provided on request. On a volcano climb tour we provide lunch-boxes, which are also prepared by our cooks. They include such energetic foods as chocolate, nuts, fruit, juice, water and sandwiches. An essential fuel to get you to the top of a volcano or mountain!


If you are a vegetarian or allergic to any product, please inform us in advance.



Our groups are serviced by qualified personnel. Usually we have one guide for every 6 clients and 1 cook for 10 clients during outdoor activity. The guide (senior guide or guide-interpreter) is a company representative who manages the team.

In the beginning of each route, a guide (senior guide or guide-interpreter) briefly explains some route aspects and also provides comprehensive safety instructions.

In case of bad weather or other force majeure, guide may decide to change the route to maintain a high level of safety for our guests. All route changes must be agreed between the group and the company office.



All our clients are insured on a period of outdoor activity. Nevertheless, we recommend you to organize health insurance and accident insurance before departure in your own country.

Medical assistance in Russia is provided in accordance with the medical insurance law. You have to pay for transportation to medical facilities on your own in full amount.


Be sure to inform our travel agency about your existing chronic diseases, in order to avoid unpleasant accidents during the outdoor route.


In order to prevent the heat stroke we recommend you to wear clothes made of natural fabrics.

Before the trip, we recommend you to organize your personal first aid kit, because many drugs in Russia are sold by prescription. A first aid kit may include:
– Medicines for motion sickness;
– Painkillers;
– Medicines for cardiovascular diseases;
– Stomach medicines;
– Dressings (bandages, cotton balls, band-aid);
– Mosquito repellent;
– Sunblock cream, skin care, ointments etc.
During trips avoid eating unfamiliar berries and mushrooms at all times. Also avoid drinking water from rivers. Remember that the only pure water you may drink is springs water and water in small brooks.


Kamchatka is wild! We ask you to always be alert as our outdoor routes are all in wild nature. Conditions are significantly different from the urban environment. Therefore, during our activities please, do not separate or leave the group without notice and do comply with all instructions and recommendations of the guides.