Package tours to Kamchatka are a great option for everyone who likes to travel but do not want to worry about hotels booking and planning an excursion program on their own.

Do you prefer comfort travel? Each day in the evening we will return to the hotel where you can relax after an active day. Trekking poles, raincoats, rubber boots and fishing rods - we will take care of everything that you may need for an excellent trip.

Do you want to spend a couple of nights in tents? No problems! We provide all the necessary equipment (tents, sleeping bags, mats, headlamps, etc.) You do not have to take all these out of the house, take with you only the most necessary things!

You do not need to worry about finding accommodation and routes - just enjoy the journey with our company!

The tour program “Around Kamchatka in comfort” is a great option for both solo travel and family holidays. This program is not very extreme and combines outdoor activities with daily overnight stays in a hotel. Suitable for children from 7 years.

The "comfort" category
(no overnight stay in tents)

Do you plan a tour to Kamchatka and want to back to nature with zero inconveniences? We have a special 12-day tour which combines endless slag fields and unique lava caves of Tolbachik volcano, fishing and rafting along the Bystraya river and other interesting routes!

Tired of the traditional holiday and hot tropics do not please you anymore? It's time to take an adventure to the North! Here you are waiting for fire-breathing volcanoes on the background of snow-white glaciers, hot springs, icy mountain rivers and untouched nature.

In this tour you can climb 4 different volcanoes, all of them are active! You will travel from slag fields and lava caves of Tolbachik to Gorely, famous for its crater lake, and Mutnovsky, in whose active crater are sulfur collars and vaping fumaroles, and finish the trip enjoying breathtaking views from the summit of Avachinsky volcano.