Kamchatka is one of the most beautiful places on our planet: stunning peninsula on the very edge of the Russian Far East. Here various animals and birds live in a wild and exotic nature surrounded by active volcanoes, making it a true “Land of Fire and Ice”. Kamchatka leaves a great and long-lasting impression on all travelers. It’s a place where Heaven and Hell collide together. It is a land of contrasts: snowy volcanoes and green forests, cold rivers and hot springs, red salmon and white oceanic fish.

Our Red Rivers Tourist Company invites you explore the real, authentic wild Kamchatka. You will see a natural beauty created by Mother Nature. Some of our treks and sights are easily-accessible and do not require previous tourism experience. Bringing physical, mental endurance with a little patience will enable you to make the most out of our trips.

The people of Kamchatka are exceptionally friendly, and will definitely leave you long lasting impressions and positive memories. Native people of Kamchatka such as koryaks, itelmens and evens still live in their traditional villages far from the cities in wild nature. They bring up their children, work, hunt, cook and keep the traditions just like their ancestors did hundreds of years ago. Tourists can also experience a traditional lifestyle in particular places called “stoibishe” (settlement) and interact with the natives themselves.

Photographers in search of a new source of inspiration often come to Kamchatka. Fascinating wild life sceneries, wild animals in their natural habitat, active volcanoes and unusual landscapes among other things are sure to inspire and leave you with unique shots. Photo tours are something special in Kamchatka.

Kamchatka also caters for fishermen who dream about catching the biggest salmon in their life. Whether it is king salmon, red salmon, rainbow trout, silver salmon, steelhead salmon or pike – our rivers are abundant with life, and will make sure those dreams come true.

Sea animals such as seals, sea otters, sea lions, whales, killer-whales inhabit the Pacific Ocean coast of Kamchatka. You can enjoy a small sea cruise on a comfortable ship or yacht along the coastal line during which you will taste fresh Kamchatka crab, sea urchin and try famous fish soup. Fishing is a part of the adventure and is available to anyone with no required experience.

You will have a chance to get close and personal with an active volcano, climbing it and even walking inside a giant crater. Volcanic sceneries are breath taking and their colours and contrasts excite the imagination. Mutnovskiy volcano is one of UNESCO heritages. Gorelyi volcano is recognized for its unique moon-like scenery while Tolbachik volcano is the place where scientists regularly test moon robots and other space exploration machines. Tolbachik Volcano has recently erupted in 2013. Its surface is still hot and tourists can walk over hardened magma exploring the active life of the volcano after the eruption.

And finally, bears. Kamchatka’s famous brown bear is one of the biggest in the world. Its population is about 18 000. You have a good chance to see them in wild nature. Special tour to the brown bears habitat is a dream of any photographer. And, of course, such trips are guided by experienced and trained rangers.

We do everything to preserve our unique nature of Kamchatka. We teach and encourage our children and our tourists to do the same. When you choose to travel with the Red Rivers Tourist Company, you choose ecological and environmentally-friendly tours. A big Thank You to everyone who has already visited this wonderful place. And thank you, for showing interest and exploring our website.